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Winter Rentals 2018-2019

Single Family Homes With In ground Pools

415 Jackson Avenue             3BR/2BA      Lake Camille Neighborhood       $2800.00

604 4th St. East                     3BR/2BA      North Richmond Ave. Area         $2450.00
1512 Oak Avenue                  3BR/2BA      Williams Avenue Area                 $2500.00



All condominiums are 55 and older age restricted communities. Each Condominium Association will
require a completed application and application fee to approve your reservation. 

Canterbury Condo (Common Pool)
1376 Archer St. #3                2BR/2BA     Country Club Estates                   $1650.00

Fairways Condo (Common Pool)
331 Joel Blvd.  #107C           2BR/1BA     Joel Blvd. Area                             $1500.00  

Stone Edge (Common Pool)2BR/2BA     Beth Stacey Area                         $1550.00
10 Beth Stacey Blvd #202

Golfview Condo (Pool)        2BR/1BA     Joel Blvd. Area                             $1500.00
357 Joel Blvd. #124

Orange Grove Condo          2BR/2BA     Alabama Road                             $1500.00
18 Temple Court

Pinewood Condo                 2BR/2BA     Homestead Road                         $1500.00
25 Pinewood Blvd.

Note :  Pets are not allowed at any winter rental properties.